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Data protection (GDPR)
Here you can read about our guidelines for the processing of personal information – both if you are a user of and if you are a person registered in’s systems.

Rules of the General Data Protection Regulation

‌When registers information about you, the General Data Protection Regulation requires that informs you as follows:

‌1. Who is the data controller
2. Why processes information about you
3. With whom information about you may be shared
4. Your use of
5. How you are able to have any incorrect information corrected and/or how you can get access to the information about you registered by
6. How you can complain about’s processing of your information

1. as data controller is data controller in regard to information about you, which processes.

2. Processing of information about you

a. Collection and registration of information collects the information about you which is necessary in order to handle the subscription and administration of services/analyses, to which you subscribe at This is information such as your name, address, e-mail, payment information. The collected information is registered in for the purpose of administration, consulting and possible marketing.

‌b. Especially about sensitive personal information
Sensitive personal data does not form part of’s data basis for the preparation of the company’s macro analyses or in any other company context.

‌ does not collect sensitive personal information, such as
• Race or ethnicity
• Political, religious or philosophical conviction
• Membership of associations
• Information about health or sexual information

‌c. Use of your e-mail
If you have said ’yes’ to receiving analyses or newsletters, etc., in digital format via ’webpage login’ at, uses your e-mail to send you information about new articles/analyses from

‌ uses your e-mail only to send self-produced marketing material, provided you have accepted to receive such material. You may inform at any time that you do not wish to receive marketing material from Just call us at +45 3118 5700.

‌d. Deletion only stores identifiable personal information as long as this has a warranted purpose and as long as it is necessary for to store such information.

‌3. Transfer of information about you

‌Basically, does not transfer your personal information to others.

‌a. However, if required under legislation, may be obliged to transfer information to public authorities, e.g. under the Danish Tax Control Act.

‌b. Furthermore, may in certain cases transfer information about you, where you have given consent to such transfer.

‌c. If you pay for one or several of your subscriptions via direct debit, will transfer the sort code and account number you have given us to Nets Danmark A/S.

‌d. If you are in breach of your obligations towards, may report you to credit rating agencies and/or warning registers in accordance with applicable legislation.

‌4. Your use of

‌a. Registrations at registers personal data at via Google Analytics, so as to be able to offer you, our other customers and other visitors the best possible service.

‌If you ask to receive an offer or purchase a subscription at, will register the information you provide, such as your name, address, e-mail, business registration number.

‌If you do not accept’s offer, your information will be deleted after six (6) months at the latest. If you take out a subscription with, will store your information, so as to be able to administer your subscriptions. uses ’cookies’ to a certain extent. Worth knowing about cookies (click here)

‌b. Data security at
As recommended by the Danish Data Protection Agency, the personal data information given at is protected with strong encryption (128 bit SSL) during transmission from the user’s computer to After the transmission, personal information is stored in such a way that this information cannot be read by any external party.

‌If you send information by e-mail to, you must, however, bear in mind that cannot guarantee the confidentiality of e-mails which have not been encrypted.

‌5. Correction of any incorrect information and/or access to the information about you which has registered

You may ask at any time which information about you that has registered and which information about you that transfers to others. You are also entitled to have any incorrect information corrected or deleted. may charge a fee if you wish to receive a written reply to your enquiry. Furthermore, you may at all times ask to be informed what your consent covers. You may write to us at any time or approach:

‌ ApS
112, Vaedderen
DK-5700 Svendborg

‌6. Complaint about’s processing of your information

If you as dissatisfied with’s processing of your information, you may complain to:

‌The Danish Data Protection Agency
Borgergade 28, 5.
DK-1300 Copenhagen K.
Latest revision: 18 May 2018